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My two cents on Yelp

September 17th, 2009

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I appreciate the folks seeking to help the small restaurant prosper by expending the effort of posting compliments on  I even appreciate the criticisms. However, I feel forced to add a caveat to my appreciation of

There are no polls to support this, but I have found  that a large percentage of these dramatic food gripes were never once voiced to the restaurant staff.  I ask every guest how they are enjoying the food.  In the few instances that someone mentions something critical (and I really believe our food is incredible; I know the extensive preparation that each dish goes through, but mistakes still do happen) then I take action.  Sometimes one most read the body language of the guest and actually pry the criticism out.  Either way I inform the owner.  We either replace it our buy it.  More instances than not the food is perfect and a dissonance exists between the guest and the food.  One really sees this at breakfast when the blood sugar is low.

It is these folks who do not say anything to the staff, but suffer on through the experience, who write these miserable, yet sometimes eloquent yelpings.  These people affect a professional demeanor, even breaking out into witticisms and pseudo poetry, then try to convince others of the searing nature of their experience.  The menu states that the fried chicken is on a bed of collard greens!  Don’t like it?  Ask me to have the kitchen separate  each item from the other or ask for a separate plate when the carefully assembled dish arrives. How petulant and egoistic is it of you to hurl cowardly, electronic stones at good people who are attempting to change the world in one small, positive way?

Sure everyone makes mistakes.  There are truly bad restaurants out there. There are many restaurants that prepare and serve food without integrity, but there are  definitely restaurants that serve food incorrectly which create a danger to the public.  I applaud those who sincerely are trying to inform other people of your concerns.

Have the courage to let me know if something doesn’t agree with you.  If it doesn’t agree with you the second time then perhaps your taste buds just weren’t meant for our table.  I apologize, but sometimes it just aint meant to be.