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Tending the information bar

March 16th, 2010

citrus season

So, decent night tonight manning the bar.  A party of newcomers dined with us tonight, and that is almost always fun.  They  could appreciate, and were genuinely interested in, what we are doing as a restaurant.  Thursdays I generally count on Mike rolling through the heavy pine door of the restaurant, but that didn’t happen tonight.

A lady sat at the bar tonight.  I recognized her: she’d been in a few times, but apparantly this was the first time that she had been in with this particular gentleman.  They had cocktails, the grilled shrimp and grits appetizer, and pretty much covered the “first date” conversational gamut.  After a little while she began describing her website, or in her words “my little effort to help the world”.  I sidled up and into the conversation.

“What’s your website,” I asked.

She had, she told me, 20 years experience working wood products at Home Depot, and she had created a business to supply eco friendly wood products to those folks desirious of such.  Her site is

I was interested, her date seemed to enjoy me giving him a break from chatting, and she was genuine and knowledgeable.

“That’s great,” I tell her, “one of my regulars, Mike, is a very talented worker of wood, and I would be very happy to pass along your information.”  She seemed pleased, asked her guest whether he minded  her scribbling down her information on a cocktail napkin.  He didn’t, so she did.  I resumed my duties, and the couple continued their conversation for forty-five minutes or so.

Later that night I emailed her site  information not only to Mike, but also to another regular of mine.  He is putting together a website celebrating the conscious community of Portland, Oregon. His site is

He thought her concept beautiful and very in sync with his.  We will see if anything blossoms from this exchange of information, but everyone seemed happy enough to gather connections.