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Chili Relleno

January 20th, 2012

chiles rellenos

Chili relleno may sound like a foreign and difficult dish to prepare for dinner, but it is really quite straight forward and somewhat simple to make.  There are many variations of this dish ranging from pepper stuffed with garlic and diced pork shoulder to the basic recipe which is just a poblano pepper stuffed with cheese.

In our kitchen back home we tend to twist old recipes around and so our version of the chili relleno is served draped with a bernaise sauce which not only utilizes the egg yolks but also brings a little added tang to the entree.  You take your poblano pepper (and again once you know what you are doing you can use whatever pepper your palate desires) scorch it and sweat it and peel the shiny outer peel off.  Lay the pepper to the side.

The simplest form of chili relleno is to merely dredge the stuffed chili in flour and fry it.  The more popular recipe includes covering the chili in egg batter and then frying it.  At my dad separates the egg yolks from the whites and then whips the egg whites into a froth.  That foamy egg mix becomes the outer coating of the flour dredged chili which is then tossed into the frying pan.

Chili relleno can be served with any sauce you desire or no sauce at all.  Many variations are served with a spicy tomato sauce.  This can range from a simple marinara sauce with added jalepenos to a basic pico de gallo that will give the chili relleno some bright citrus and spicy hot notes.

Come visit and watch my dad make his version of chili relleno.  Sure it is a tad lavish to cover it in bernaise sauce…French/Mexican fusion? and it might not be to everyone’s taste.  The basic recipe for the chili relleno is at duckspoon and if you find a recipe that you like better then please load it up and share with us.