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Lentil Soup

October 4th, 2011

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“The lentil soup recipe,” he says, as I am pacing up and down the kitchen with my phone’s ear piece in.

“But Pete,” I interject,” I have all kinds of soups frozen right now, chicken and grilled corn, roast squash and garlic, gazpacho…none of it?  Just that one soup?  You are telling me that your broke butt is so flush that you don’t need some of these freshly frozen, hand made soups for free?”

Pete is my dad’s best friend and he lives up on the mountain and doesn’t get down very much to buy food, and generally buys processed food.  I had just made a big batch of soup from duckspoon’s lentil soup recipe and frozen it in single-serve, quart size bags.  Soups can be very economical to prepare and freeze for use, and I generally keep a stack of frozen soups on hand.

As much as I love cream soups, they don’t freeze well.  Sometimes it would be nice to whip out  a crab bisque instead of whipping out  the lentil soup recipe or the chicken chowder.  Chowders don’t freeze well with the potatoes in them either.  The potatoes break down and make the soup kinda starchy.  It’s best to freeze just the basic soups and add what you need to as you reheat them.

My dad’s lentil soup recipe is by far one of the most economical, healthy and easy soups to keep on hand in the freezer.  I use the freezer because I don’t often get a chance to spend an hour or two in front of the stove preparing dinner.  Instead I prepare it in advance, a cooking binge I guess.  Pork shoulder, whole chickens, bags freshly made from the lentil soup recipe all inhabit my freezer out in the garage…all at my disposal.

The lentil soup recipe is a symbol of’s mission statement: to teach folks how to cook good, inexpensive food and feed their family healthy meals.  You can learn to fabricate a turkey out, or butcher a whole hog, or even how to 5$ dinners to feed a family of four.  My dad’s lentil recipe soup is a perfect example of that.


Lentil soup under the spotlight

March 10th, 2011

Lentil Soup

How fun and terrifying it was to cook food on live TV.  I have to admit that I cooked that soup about 3 times before the TV appearance just to get my timing down so that I would know how much talking I had to do.  I was very happy that I remembered to mention that this was the first recipe that my dad ever collected when he was stationed in Germany in the Army as a young man.

I did also mention a few plugs about duckspoon, and that the duckspoon lentil soup recipe could feed a family of four for $3.96…however forgetting that $.99 included a french baguette.  I had put together a list of necessary items, checked it twice, and still forgot to bring the serving bowls which were the vehicles for the soup.  A slight surge of panic hit me (I had 37 minutes to find bowls before the camera person needed the product).

I had no phone reception in the studio, and so was forced to pace around the TV offices searching for a hot spot and trying not to appear panicked.  I called Elizabeth, who had just received a cocktail while cooling her heels at Veritable Quandry and told her of my lentil soup breakdown.  She rallied and was at the studio with two perfect soup bowls that she had collared from the restaurant.

Lentil soup is back on the menu, boys!  The show went off without too much umming and awwing on my part.  I spoke with Anne before hand, telling her a little of what I wanted to say and asking her advice on a couple items (mostly to sway her over to my side,  I admit, I did batt my eyelashes…).  I mentioned another aside from Elizabeth, that it was the first day of lent and I was cooking lentil soup.

Anne loved that and took that lentil soup tip as the leader into the story.  I managed to fit in my little elevator saying (“I built duckspoon to take the chef hat out of cooking”) and did squeeze in that I was an Oregon boy.  Elizabeth and I went and drank some lovely champagne, with foie gras, sweet breads, and steak tartare.  We came home for dinner, drank some nice Oregon Pinot with her Morel mushroom risotto and labeled the lentil soup affair a success.