About duckspoon.com

So I launched the website I have been working on.  It took me longer to get this project running than it did for me to graduate from Willamette University.  Now the real work commences.

As I was going through the recipes that I filmed with my dad I realized more fully our culinary background…French and filled with fat.  Butter is such a vital part of a classic kitchen.  Chicken stock and Beef stock and salt.

In order to widen the appeal of the site I need to begin focusing on eating habits and food cultures that are outside my norm.  I need to visit more vegetarian fare, more vegan fare, more gluten free recipes.  Fun stuff!


  1. hadley says:

    great blog daniel. nice to re-connect. really enjoyed our dinner last night!

  2. Trisha Paul says:

    I spent the morning sipping coffee and checking out your website. You have a great collection and your story is inspiring. I am especially impressed by your desire to make camping a gourmet event. As one of six kids growing up on a ranch I can certainly connect with your passion for fresh food and your desire for big fun meals. My mom considered preparation a family bonding experience from canning and dehydrating to brining and smoking. My father “the hunter” annually returned not only with deer and elk but also with entire flocks of geese, duck, grouse, pheasant and chucker. In addition we raised and butchered our own chicken and beef. You have had a great opportunity for travel and diverse cultural environments to feed your passion. Today I am passing down my experience as I watch my daughter prepare cuces for pickling. I hope to get the opportunity to hear all about your trip through France!

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