Home made enchiladas

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Home made enchiladas!  Doesn’t the sound of that just bring a smile to your face and some hunger to your belly?  Everyone makes a different enchilada sauces, from the moles to the white sauces to the traditional red sauces…and by no means is each recipe one to write home to mom about, but the thought of coming home to this home made meal encourages one to press the gas pedal just a little bit harder.

The Latino population is growing in the United States and I for one am excited about all the possibilities that entails.  Latino foods, such as the home made enchiladas, are truly magnificent and bring to the table an entirely different culture and unique taste.  Of course, when you travel in Latin America there are abundant Coke products and countless Nestle advertisements, but let’s put that aspect of globalization to the side.

Food can often be a bridge across cultural divides and I see no reason why home made enchiladas can’t help us to understand the Latin culture a little bit better.  Corn has always been a staple in Mexico (of course there are some serious problems with the corn market right now and the price of corn tortillas has been steadily rising and may in fact sky rocket quite soon) and so of course corn tortillas will play a role.

Home made enchiladas are first and fore most about a great enchilada sauce.  The tortillas are dredged in the sauce then stuffed with chicken and cheese and peppers or whatever else you happen to fancy at the time and then baked with more sauce poured in on top.  Once the actual sauce has been made, home made enchiladas are really quite easy and quick to make for dinner.

I filmed my dad making his home made enchiladas for duckspoon.com.  It is part of our economy program because we take about half the dark meat from the chicken we roasted off and make the enchilada dinner with it.  So come check out our version of home made enchiladas on duckspoon.com and you can find out for yourself how tasty and how inexpensive they are.




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