Pork Shoulder

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brining pork

A pork shoulder recipe is exactly what I am looking for if I am being extremely budget conscious, but still need to feed a few people and have some left overs to last my sporadic foraging through the fridge.  Chicken is another go-to meat if I am wanting to serve a seemingly lavish dinner for pennies, but chicken can sometimes be a tad over served, if you get my meaning.

White fish is generally inexpensive, but you there’s only so much you can do with white fish, and I try to avoid creating a weeks worth of left overs from fish.  A pork shoulder recipe can be cheap.  That particular cut of meat is on sale at the grocery store on Burnside quite often: $.99 a lb is a good price.  Four bucks is enough to have dinner with a buddy and have leftovers for the week.

I am just beginning my journey into the realm of cured meats, but the pork shoulder recipe that I am shaping inside my mind is something braised, roasted or barbecued.  In short, I want the meat cooked thouroughly, but in a form that is somewhat flexible to work with when creating left over concoctions.  A few different options spring to mind.

The pork shoulder recipe that I love the most both for its flavor and relative ease of preparation is the dry rubbed, barbecued recipe.  I picked up a dry rub in Mexico for about a buck ten that I like a lot.   This is just a “common sense” pork shoulder recipe, but you pat the moisture from the shoulder and smear the dry rub over every surface of the pork.  Allow that to stand (refridgerated of course) for a few hours and then throw that hunk of pork on the BBQ using indirect heat.

My second favorite pork shoulder recipe is the one I started my pork shoulder collection on duckspoon.com with.  I brine the pork shoulder over night with whatever salts and seasonings grab my attention (using the basic brining principle that is) and then braise it for a few hours in chicken stock and carmelized mirepoix.  Come visit duckspoon.com and check out my pork shoulder recipe collection and maybe even add your own.



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