Chorizo and Eggs: spicy breakfast for everyone

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chorizo eggs

Chorizo and eggs is a spicy, heart warming, belly filling breakfast that, along with some black coffee, is meant to get you up and working a good long day.  Chorizo is a Spanish/Portuguese/Mexican/ Latin American sausage that varies depending on which country and which region you are tasting it at.  Although I have enjoyed chorizo tapas in Spain, chorizo burritos in mexico, I was first introduced to this cured pork sausage in Alaska.  Food experiences are only sometimes limited by geography.

I was 17 years old, cooking during the day at the Cookhouse in the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau, and Jose, the chef who had emigrated from Oaxaca, Mexico would make chorizo and eggs for the kitchen crew for breakfast.  That breakfast was meant to last us through a very busy lunch rush as the hordes of tourist from the three cruise ships rampaged around the small town and packed our tiny restaurant.

We served fresh caught salmon and crab and halibut, so to begin the morning with some spicy chorizo and eggs was a treat and definitely kept the motors revving as we decapitated dungeness crabs and flipped one pound burger patties for hours: our burgers were big enough for a family of four to fill up on.  My dad had hung a noose from the rafters and a sign behind it reading “Hang the cook if it don’t taste right”…no one was hanged while I was there.

Chorizo and eggs wasn’t the only Mexican breakfast that we had at the Cookhouse, but it was the most memorable…even though we were knee deep in some of the best and freshest seafood in the world and cooking quality steaks served with crab meat and Bearnaise sauce.     No, the chorizo and eggs elicited the spice, flavor, allure and charm of warm Mexico in a cold climate where folks worked eighteen hours a day when there was light.

Chorizo and eggs is really a very simple recipe and I filmed Adam, my dad’s one time student, cooking it for breakfast for the family one blustery January day.  So come visit, check out our version of this timeless classic, go to your local latino market to pick up some chorizo, take it home and cook it.  See if you don’t perhaps fall in love with chorizo and eggs too.



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