Your daily diet is your medicine for life

October 27th, 2008 by chivrypdx Leave a reply »

Scientific studies clarifying the relationship between diet and health have started to gain serious momentum in the past few years.  Wise men throughout history have explained Man as a result of his diet. Conscious food choices directly affect our health, happiness and how we relate to the world.

Dr. Weil has an article explaining why black berries have cut cancer rates by 50% in lab rats. (  There are studies in Great Britain suggesting that addiction can be severely reduced by appropriate dietary changes. We are gaining some awareness of how to combat disease through diet.  But  how did we get to this place in time where obesity has surpassed smoking as the leading killer?  

I imagine the same forces that empowered cigarettes its deadly reign over humanity: popular culture and the loss of tradition.  It is not merely the control of agriculture by the fast food industry.  We have also pushed technology, including food technology, so hard that we have often times not adequately tested the long term effects on humans.This haphazard, free market approach to the creation of culture has provided many benefits, but has also resulted in much misery and sickness.

I say free market to explain that capitalism in general, and corporations in specific do not care about the health of a community other than as a factor in sales.  I don’t want anyone telling me how or what to eat.  But I would like to listen to people and learn what they have to offer about food and its relationship to us.

It seems to me that creating community is the first step in recapturing tradition and passing on health and well being to our children.


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