World Food Day

October 17th, 2008 by chivrypdx Leave a reply »

Sure, grain prices finally fell last month.  But the price of diesel remains high and the cost of total inputs is very high.  The world bank predicts that the amount of malnourished people will rise to 44 million this year.  That’s nearly 1 billion hungry people.  And we grow enough food to feed all the hungry Americans out there.

Here in the United States the folks  who are in the lowest quintile of  wage earners pay 37% of household income for food.  In other words, the folks who are struggling to make it face the difficult choice of cheap processed food and more nutritional raw food.

It seems to me that our agricultural policy is fundamentally flawed.  Much of the price hikes in grain stem from the congressional mandate to grow corn for ethanol production.  The creation of ethanol from corn is more expensive than gasoline, but because of government subsidies appears to be cheaper.

Not only are we investing hugely in the creation of inefficient fuel, but we are forcing lower income families to struggle even more to put food on the table.  It interests me that agricultural policy has not been discussed much by either candidate.


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