Turkey Gravy

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Making turkey gravy is one of the most gratifying experiences one can have in the kitchen.  Of course one has to take into consideration that the gravy is a mere component in the turkey dinner, which begins with breaking down the turkey into the necessary components.  A thorough rinse of the bird and  then off with the breasts  with a meat knife.  The rest of the turkey gets thrown into the roasting oven, roasted, and then brought out to cool.

The white, breast meat is tenderly wrapped for later  use and the dark meat is cooked to the appropriate temperature.  The meat picked off from the legs, back and wings can be bagged and refridgerated.  The small portions and the minced gizzard go into the turkey gravy.  The carcass  becomes turkey stock through water, heat and time.  The bones get tossed and the turkey mise en place is ready.

The turkey grave slowly takes shape, the reduction of the cream and turkey essence…the stuffing takes a little time, but with the turkey all fabricated out and processed, dinner can commence.  Potatoes don’t take too long to become smashed up and creamy; broccoli mere minutes; and the cranberry, either already preserved, or else scooped from the tin can is already on the table.

The turkey gravy gets ladled over the roasted turkey breasts before presentation, and some poured into a gravy boat, but the remainder, about half, can be bagged and stored for later use.   An entire turkey can therefore, with a few additions of food stuffs, feed a family of four for a few days.  Biscuits and turkey gravy in the morning, turkey soup for lunch, turkey enchiladas for dinner #2, etc…

So, by the time the turkey gravy is reducing on the kitchen stove, the scents of roasting turkey,  maybe even greens gently braising on the back burner with garlic and onions fill the house and dinner is fast approaching.  Think about turkeys outside of the Autumn box.  Think about the inexpensive nature of feeding a family for a few days on a bird.  Think about visiting duckspoon.com and check out how we make turkey gravy!



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