Vegetarian Video Recipes

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The vegetarian video recipes category in is in dire need of sustenance.  Until relatively recently there were no vegetarians in Germany where my mother came from.  My dad, of Missouri stock, grew up in Eastern Washington on a farm with a meager food budget: food was something to be endured until he escaped into military service and the tradition of real food was revealed to him during his service in Western Germany. is emphatically desirious of all kinds of food information, but is sorely lacking contributions from the vegetarian side of the woods.  There is vegan salad dressing, balsamic soaked tomatoes, aspargus draped with hollandaise, but there are virtually no vegetariaon video recipes with the main course consisting of vegetarian fare.  My history and that of my family comes from western culture and so I have little experience with any other.  I could take Ayervedic cooking classes, and vegan cheese making courses, but that’s not what I am trying to do with duckspoon.

Once someone learns to cook, to break free of the corporate food complex, they could expand their horizons by watching vegetarian food recipes, ayurvedic food recipes, or even tips on weight loss all withought sensationalism and intrusive advertising.  My whole goal with this food/education/business project has been to supply education for free, but get paid a enough to stay in business.  I need folks who have history in vegetarian culture to help me spread the knowledge of food.

Vegetarian video recipes is not the only catagory that I need help populating: vegan recipes, dairy recipes, sugar free recipes are all areas that require attention.  My team (a buddy with  camera and me) will continue to pursue recipes to fill the site, but we are still prying recipes out of my father’s mental recipe book.   I have a few ideas for vegetarian video recipes, andI have friends whom have more.  My buddy with the camera grew up seventh day adventist and I would love to get some time filming a few of his grandmother’s recipes.

Although I am striving to include more vegetarian video recipes in my collection, I have to be honest and admit that while recipes from my father’s repertoir are yet unfilmed I will endeavor to get those locked down first.  Which is where you come in.  Please help me grow duckspoon; help me teach folks how to cook; please help me increase the vegetarian video recipes on



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