A bona fide steak: Beef at The Country Cat

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What do you look for in a steak?  Price? Hearty flavor?  Quality of life for the cattle  and a humane slaughter?  A healthy feed profile?  Eating isn’t simple anymore, and eating meat isn’t what it used to be.

In a world inundated with corn fed, chemically dependant cattle, it is difficult to get a good steak anymore.  Have we forgotten what good steak tastes like? Good beef tastes like the earth.  Like integrity.

The first real boss I had taught me about integerity.  Chef Willie Matson sat me down and explained  that a job accomplished with attention and focus was a job well done, even the humble washing of dishes.  Living life with full attention and focus is all one can really  endeavor  to do.

From the farm to your plate takes integrity: cattle raised with respect and fed healthy food; slaughtered quickly and humanely;  fabricated by your local butcher or chef.   That attention to detail is beginning to happen all around the country.   Attention to detail from Adam Sappington at The Country Cat

Cattle raised on industrial feedlots  ingest a steady diet of anti-biotics  to combat the destructive effects of a corn diet.  Certainly pasture raised beef lead a healthier, stress free life without anti-biotics, and the meat is healthier, but a partial grain diet does not necessarily degrade the health of the cattle.  In fact, the addition of grain to the diet can heighten the quality of the meat from a consumer’s point of view.  Adam’s palate for beef

The important component is the respect being given each animal.  That respect extends not only to the animal during the raising period, but also to the slaugther, fabrication, and the presentation to the end consumer…the public.  Respect the Customer and the Cattle

Grass fed, healthy cattle can be found.  Even grain fed, healthy cattle can be found.  Quality meat, raised, slaughtered and fabricated with integrity is out there.   Eatwild.com

The customer has to ask for it.  Put the onus on the butcher.  Ask the restaurant staff where the beef is from.  Find out whether you can purchase quality meat direct from the ranchers in your area.  In Portland pdxmeat.com

Integrity is beginning to be a valued commodity.  How do you like your steak?


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