Love my Oregon peeps!

September 16th, 2009 by Daniel Leave a reply »

The drive down I-5 was sunlight and gentle, though the traffic was sluggish until we made it past Eugene. I had expected the 5 to be swollen until at least past Portland, maybe even Salem, but we could barely sustain a creeping 55 miles per hour.  However, it was a beautiful drive through the Willamette River Valley and over to Jacksonville.
I encourage anyone who enjoys music to see a show at the outdoor amphitheater in Jacksonville. It was extremely intimate (Michael Franti was sold out at 2200), and the views over the valley were lovely, but the sound quality, so true and intense, dwarfed the other components of the show. A truly amazing musical experience.

My friend Sheldon, from Lincoln City, had brought fresh salmon and crab. Fresh cracked dungeness  crab, caught that day, is something to appreciate.  We had 5 quarts of already cracked crab for crab cocktails, my home made pico de gallo and guacamole for our cocktail hour-greeting-pre-function for the Michael Franti show.  Fantastic!

In the morning, after coffee, my good friend Peaches made a smoked salmon, cream cheese scramble and hash browns.  Swimming in the Applegate river, and then back home to deep fried salmon bellies and my beet, tomato, cucumber salad with sunflower green goddess dressing.  Yes, and of course plenty of vino for the heart.

I love partying with people who appreciate the land they live in!


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