The true craft of the restaurant

September 4th, 2009 by Daniel Leave a reply »

Folks come in to the restaurant, and with good intentions, tell me that they used to work in a restaurant when they were making their way through school.  Or as a part time job when they were younger.  Without meaning to be caustic or ornery  I suggest that most people trivialize restaurant work as some thoughtless drudgery that requires neither skill nor talent.

This is a frequent rant of mine, but there is a craft behind the restaurant.  Even, perhaps a spiritual duty to ensure that every component of the meal was handled with care and love from its raw stage to the finished presentation.   Here is another clip from Adam talking about why he and Jackie wanted to open up the Country Cat.  The craft behind the Country Cat

Food is necessary to survival.  Of course we could subside on peanut butter and jelly.  But we have traditions going back hundreds of years which elevate our humanity and create beauty from the canvass of nature.  Perhaps if we spent more time being conscious of what we ingest, we might find ourselves being drawn to people like Adam and Jackie that love what they do and create meals filled with integrity as well as nutrients.


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