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April 4th, 2012

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What do I want from a server? What do I expect?  I expect the proper handling of my dining logistics; I expect some semblance of warmth; I expect the food server to at least act like they enjoy what they are doing even if they don’t.  I am in the business so I tip at least 20%… always…unless the actual service is atrocious and the server is down right unpleasant, then its the %15.

What I yearn for, though is to find that waiter, the one who loves what he does, realizes the meaning of integrity, and has the support to engender that integrity into the food service with sincerity and aplomb. (See Frank Byrnes)   I will tip 25% to a server who is methodical, pleasant and manages my dining experience without me noticing her service other than the occasional “thanks” on my part.  I’ll give 30%-40% to waiter who is sincere, knowledgable and humorous along with the properly apt service.

My Uncle Larry read the paper everyday and advised us boys to read it everyday, especially the sports section, if we wanted to be good waiters someday.  This was in the late 70’s, but it still applies, via IPad and what not…but he was trained in Dublin in the discipline of food service.  In Europe the dining business is an old and established trade, one which is not only quite respected, but carries with it an almost symbolic,  shamanic admiration.

So many articles written about rude waiters, or clueless waitresses fail to bring in the consideration that the customers themselves are rude, ignorant people who do not know good food, would not recognize good but not fawning service, and really should not be given the official permission to go out to eat.  Oh, that is not something you have to get a license for?  Well, make it mandatory to work a restaurant for a year to graduate from high school and i guarantee you a much larger group of respectful individuals.

But that’s just my take.