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The modern day butcher

August 19th, 2010

Adam Sappington of the Country Cat just had a video nominated as the best butchering video by Protein University. Protein University is an effort to promote the use of heritage breeds from local ranchers.PU is focused on expanding the knowledge base of folks who appreciate, understand, and are committed to sustainable meat production.  The contest “Who’s your butcher” sparked a host of video submissions from around the country.  It seems that craft butchering is still alive in the U.S.

Adam’s video isn’t airbrushed; it’s not manicured or buttered up, but the sincerity is palpable and he is speaking from the heart.  You can tell he appreciates the craft if you creep into the kitchen unseen, and listen to him coach his apprentices on the entire craft of whole animal butchery. caught Adam breaking the short plate of this steer down, threw a quick video together and passed it to Jackie Sappington to submit to Protein University.

You can visit the site and vote for Sweet Brair Farms beef, local Oregon craft butchery, and the Country Cat dinner house and bar at  the Top 20 butchery videos.

Protein University

August 15th, 2010

I just put together a video for Adam Sappington and the Country Cat dinner house and bar to submit to Protein University via Check it out.

meat overview for jackie-video compression 300kbps