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Playing with absinthe

September 19th, 2008

I went to visit House Spirits here in Portland, Oregon a couple of weeks ago.  Ryan, one of the owners, had invited me to come visit and ponder the philosophy of the cocktail.  We talked a little cocktail history, discussing it’s evolution and where it might go today.  Soon the absinthe was broken out.  

The absinthe had been distilled at House Spirits, but was not part of their line and was just about to be released.  I enjoyed it.  Not as mouth-washy as some absinthes I have tasted in town, and, with a little chilled dilution and a touch of simple syrup, was quite elegant.

We touched on a concern that new absinthe distillers might market the liquor based on its reputed psychoactive qualities and not on the fact that it is a historic beverage that can amaze your palate. Jagermeister came to mind.  Jager is a digestiv that my family in Germany drank after a meal.  A liqueur made with herbs meant to aid the digestive system.  However here in the United States jaegermeister has become a frat boy drink of choice.   All in the marketing.

Well, we shall see.  The next week I took a bottle of absinthe up camping and made absinthe mojitos, which were a lot of fun to make and even more fun to drink.